How to Become a Ride-Share and Delivery Driver

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Driving for the gig economy has given many people the freedom to earn a flexible income. You can sign up for shifts or sign on whenever you have a few spare hours. The ability to perform ride-sharing or provide deliveries is a great way to get out of the house and is a particularly rewarding job for people who love to drive.

Right now, gig-economy drivers have even more to offer because they have become part of the essential response team helping to bring goods to people safely locked-down at home. If you need a reason to get out of the house, want to add to your household income, or want to contribute to the front-line efforts against the virus, gig driving is a great new project to try. You can sign up, get started, and take hours whenever you have the time.

How to Apply as a Ride-Share Driver

To start, you’ll need to pick your gig driving platforms that you want to work with. Most ride-share and delivery drivers sign up for several services and take jobs as they come or stagger types of jobs based on their availability. When you pick a platform or platforms to apply for, line up the applications, fill them out, and submit them. From Uber to Instacart, the application process is usually simple, but you’ll need your driver’s license on-hand to photograph.

Application Process

Find the application through the site page. There is usually a button or sitemap link for new drivers.  If you’re not sure who is hiring in your area or how to apply, a helpful website like can be your guide. The application forms are usually digital and submitted in just a few minutes.

Inspection and Approval

For ride-sharing, you will need to have your vehicle inspected or receive a local inspection certification. This is necessary to safely take on passengers. Delivery services are much less likely to require a vehicle inspection, but they might require your vehicle to be presentable. If you want to drive passengers, be prepared for your vehicle to pass a service-specific inspection or to show proof of a recent local inspection.

Background Check

The last stage of your application process is the background check. Like any new job, the gig companies want to make sure drivers are safe to connect with customers. You may need to wait up to 2 weeks for the results of the background check and approval from the brand.

Connect Through the App

When you’ve got approval, your login will work and you should be able to start taking jobs through the mobile app for each of the driving jobs you have signed up for.

Requirements to Drive

The vast majority of drivers in the US qualify to become ride-share or delivery driver. We’ve put together a quick reference guide for the requirements shared between the various ride-sharing and delivery services. Both Uber and Lyft require you to be 21 years old, but non-alcoholic delivery only requires you to be 18. You will, naturally, need a valid driver’s license and access to a vehicle. Ride-sharing services also require at least a year of driving experience to ferry passengers.

  • Be 18-21 or Older
  • Valid Driver’s LIcense
  • Efficient Personal Vehicle
  • 1-3 Years Driving Experience

Insurance Requirements

The vehicle you drive will need a minimum amount of insurance, especially for ride-sharing. Have at least the minimum insurance for your state. You should also check your terms and make sure that ride-sharing and delivery work will not void the policy.

  • Minimum Auto Insurance by State
  • Insurance Approves of Gig Work

Personal Vehicle – Ride Sharing

the vehicle itself may need to meet certain requirements. Delivery jobs generally have minimum requirements, like access to a vehicle or scooter. Ride-sharing jobs tend to have very precise requirements for size, safety, and qualifications for passenger vehicles. Between Uber and Lyft, your vehicle must be within 15 years of age with 4 doors. Lyft also requires an approved inspection and 5-8 seatbelts. Uber requires that drivers own their vehicle and have their name on the insurance.

  • Passes Inspection
  • Max 15 Years Old
  • Visually Presentable
  • Ride-Share:fwee
    • 4 Doors
    • Enough Seatbelts
    • Ownership or Approved Rental

The Background Check

Most people are familiar with an employment background check. You will provide your name, driver’s license number, and SSN. You may be asked about previous jobs or home addresses and any alternate names you have gone by. If you have a negligible background, your driver status is likely to be approved. However, it can take up to 2 weeks for results of a background check to return so a decision can be made.

What to Expect When Gig Driving

Once you begin driving, your work time is yours to schedule, but you will likely need to schedule it ahead of time. Each platform has their own policies for how far ahead you’ll need to book your desired hours. There may also be special features or demand-times when you can sign up on-the-spot for a bonus to meet increased demand for the service.

Once you sign up for a scheduled time, be ready to drive in the area of service designated. Many drivers find ideal places to wait, much like a traditional taxi service. Delivery drivers learn to spend time near shopping and rideshare drivers know where people most often need pick-ups. The best part is that you can set your own hours, so you can drive when you have time and enjoy driving the most. 

Each service is a little different, so build your own workflow based on whether you’re offering rides or delivering groceries.

Success Tips for Ride-Share Drivers

In these changing times, delivery and ride-share drivers are more important than ever. We’ll leave you with a few smart tips to hone your strategies as you get started driving in the gig economy.

  • Get a small wireless vacuum for the car
  • A stack of cool washable masks and sanitizing wipes
  • Learn and time traffic patterns during your favorite driving times
  • Set up voice controls for hands-free app management
  • Be friendly and accommodating, pretend you’re a butler.
  • Perfect the park-and-redirect trick

Not sure which ride-share or delivery services to sign up for? Not even sure what’s available in your area? We can help! Here at we are excited to help independent drivers get paid for time behind the wheel. Earn extra income, and enjoy a flexible work schedule by getting started with gig economy driving.

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